ntn verification online

  1. Ntn verification online

Now FBR has launched iris and other verification software where it’s very easy to verify any income tax number within 5 seconds .

Iris is the sofware which tells FBR about taxpayers information, which unjustyfy  or unmatched with the data last year or last month or information varrying month by month or year by year.

Now easily you can verify ntn online by CNIC based information after proving that you are human.

What is “income from dividends”

income from dividends

Tax on dividends.— (1st to this Ordinance, a tax shall be imposed, at the rate specified in Division III of Part I of the First Schedule, on every person who receives a dividend from a 1[ ] company2[or treated as dividend under clause (19) of section 2].
(2) The tax imposed under sub-section (1) on a person who receives a dividend shall be computed by applying the relevant rate of tax to the gross amount of the dividend.
(3) This section shall not apply to a dividend that is exempt from tax

All company can be register in Karachi Pakistan and its easy to register as per SECP law.
Income tax filing is due on each income tax holders or whos income is tax able as per law or earning income which is taxable so any of the person living or doing business in pakistan karachi is liable to have filing of income tax. All type of company can have ntn or regisyration with secp wether they have ntn or going to apply for ntn must have to file income tax return. Wether company is register as proprietership company or they are partnership company or may have register in private limited company. Must have to file income tax return annualy. You can search low cost practictioner available in karachi they do good practcing and are famous due to good and reliable and faithfull income tax services.those have income from property i mean have such income out of exemption from income as per given exemption schedule first of fbr pakistan or as per iris verification system of tax payer is very competent and valid authority and its very reliable services iris is the system of tax filing tax verification and tax submiting as agent of deduction at source or you can say withholding tax agent of government of Pakistan.the super tax is the highest rate of tax payable behond the limits of maximum tax schedule limit.