FBR announced New date of Return Filing for NON filer

One More chance for NON filer to become filer
FBR announced new date of filing to providing one more chance to non filer become filer now we as consultant appreciate this act from the government but we also request government that last date of filing should be open as it was in last previous years was the practice in this way filer feel easy to file return in any time but we not support late filer exempt form penalize the huge amount as penalty but door should be open for non filer that he can become filer in any time of the financing yea. this way Government will increase a number of filer as previous years practice if system become closed to change the status of non file to filer. this is also consider positive action from government that a chance to become filer is being provided again and again that’s good for being consultant.

we also request government to introduce such policies NTN holders that automatically motivate NTN holder to become filer in time but we observing that government is totally failed to provide such attraction for NTN holder that he prefer to become filer instead of non filer. that is the shortcut that government in force want to make NTN holder to become filer.

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The Accountant Plus.is the group of Accountant who guide about each transaction of accounts and accounting cycle.
Our all services are about to guide about accounting cycle from any basic debit or credit entry.
We have explain it that the basic entry source in business accounting is the supporting document as bill is that peace of paper which called invoice of supplier and services provider bill.
In our opinion bill is the one of important peace of document which tell us about material description,vender particulars expense period and amount of expenses here we can see that this support is very keen value in following accounting.
Business accounting,managerial Accounting,financial accounting,cost accounting and company accounting.
From the support this bill we prapare debit or credit voucher in which we take care of voucher date ,payment detail,supplier name , supplier bill no , supplier bill calculation and amount in digit and amount in figurs and voucher date .
After prepairing debit voucher or credit voucher, we have to post in cash book/bank book then after from cash book or bank book same transaction has to post in general ledger or some times party ledger separatly.
This accounting cycly involve bill,voucher, cash book / bank book
General ledger ,party ledger, puches book , sales book,vender ledger , supplier ledger inventory ledger , account/accounts receiveable,
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100% Audit Voucher to voucher and Bill to Bill

100% Audit Voucher to voucher and Bill to Bill

we provide 100% audit of Your company accounts from Voucher to voucher and bill to bill and help and guide to get 100% accurate results of your worries, we also reconcile all ledger entries from cash book to trial balance and balance sheet,  step to step so that we could orient result as per your expectation. Here we never neglect any kind of adjustments and transfer entries.Our expert team execute system of accuracy and transparency cross checking which  reflect and provide you a view to see reports in so many angles which help you to make future planning , feasibility, profitability, return of investment, business hidden losses and potential for any hidden profitability for your planing. Our this services will really provide you many aspect to enjoy your business financial transaction by each and every aspects MIR (Management Information report.

According internal Audit, Problems in the valuation of assets

The accuracy of the balance sheet and the estimated profit of a concern depend upon the correct valuation of the assets and liabilities . the valuation of the assets is made by the proprietors or  officials of company or the firm. the auditor has simply to apply certain tests regarding the valuation of the asset. he is entitled to rely upon the certificates of component person such as valuers , surveyors etc. If he does so he, must mention this fact in his report . He cannot be expected to possess the technical knowledge to find out the value of the assets. Under such conditions , he should       the valuation also refer to the invoices to find out the prices at which such assets were acquired. Of course he cannot guarantee the correctness of the valuation of the assets.