new trend of Accounting services in USA

thinking of getting services has been changing now a days
Now a Days business man has become sharp minded even he is not well aware of New education and neither has approached to get the information about new strategies of modern education but he is well known about saving methods of salary and other direct expenses so he is preferring outsource services to save his hidden expenses like employees other benefits likewise gratuity funds, PF funds, Bonus, and annually benefits of employees. he is hiring outsource tax consultancy, outsource bookkeeping, outsource costing services , outsource internal auditing etc. where he is saving a lot of his money which is burden on his fixed cost and major factor of hidden cost

what should be object of an Audit

Audit Object: Process of any reconciliation 0r checking  or calculation of independents judgment whether the amount of balance sheet or profit and loss account has true and fare reflection as per book of accountant company Ordinance and other Law enforce in Pakistan or in summary you can say that a purpose of calculation and the checking of accuracy called the object of Audit.