Our Income and sales tax supervisory services in Karachi

The Accountant Plus: offer one window operation for all your tax obligation, tax planning and strategy development, conducting tax audit, preparing and filling monthly sales tax return and process fast sales tax refund, Income tax filing, WHT statement filing, approval of exemptions for nonprofit organization or NGOs or other Business tax exemptions, Calculating and managing Income tax system for All Kind of Trader Importer, exporters general traders, manufacturer, individuals, shopkeeper property holders and other kind of trade so that you could pay minimum due Tax as per law, we keep all our clients record very confidential.

Income Tax Services In Karachi Pakistan 

We provide tax management services to our valued clients on monthly basis where we fully guide them on each and every financial transaction, so that our client could be save from any hidden penalties or huge tax from FBR.

We also submit withholding tax e filing (U/S 165) on monthly and quarterly basis. Annual Tax return services Tax return preparation has become a challenging job, due to the constant expansions and amendment of the tax rules. Both insightful understanding of the tax system and thorough evaluation of the specific situation are required to file the tax return that maximizes your benefit.

Income Tax Registration services in Karachi Pakistan

The Accountant Plus provides professional, innovative and reliable tax solution without facing any type of penalties, interest, and hidden cost in favor of tax from FBR or other tax authorities. Sales Tax Return and Refund of Claim.

Fast Sales Tax services In Karachi Pakistan

We provide services for Sales Tax (registration, e filling, to submit return) Clearance of Annual Sales Tax Audit, and assist to maintain documentation for claim and return of funds from govt. against sales tax.

Other Tax Services Individuals, Salaried person, Property Owners, Whole seller, Retailer, AOPs, Pvt., Limited Companies and Misc. Business. Registration of Income Tax and Sales Tax.

we are register sales tax agent  with FBR  and Provide fast sales tax services in Karachi Pakistan within week time period or couple of week. our expert.

We provide NTN registration and Sales Tax registration services at very Low charges we also give consultancy for your tax Calculation and give you proper guidance as per law where you can save handsome amount from your existing Business. Corporate Matters.

Tax Advisory/ management  Services for Corporate in Karachi

As everyone knows about tax culture in Pakistan, FBR continuously issuing notices, orders, amendments and rules  by force to collect taxes from individuals, proprietorship companies, Partnership Companies and Private limited companies to expend taxpayer circle and   annual revenue for Pakistan due to which it is not easy task to understand the tax and taxes in Pakistan in this regard The Accountant Plus provide best advisory services to all kind and all nature of companies our expert team take care issues of  tax and taxes for our respected clients on daily, weekly , monthly and annual basis here we not only  look after the current facing issues but also we plan best guideline to our customer for their future tax strategy planning to keep them away from hidden losses of taxes, our expert team forward alland  tax/taxes updates changes in taxes to our client’s Accountant or CFO on case basis and change basis , our Professional charges are really very  low and affordable  in Karachi Pakistan.

Tax return filing for Salary person at low cost and cheap and affordable price in Karachi Pakistan.

The Accountant Plus provide annual return filing services to salaried people at very low cost with confidentially and peaceful environment here we also help and support to prepare the wealth statment, wealth reconciliation, and guideline for other practical issues.  we also submit reply to FBR on behalf of our client. We also support after return filing in their practical life through our online and on mobile we try to release tension of taxes .

how to calculate Taxable Income in Karachi Pakistan.

to see the taxable income its necessary to get trail balance as per actual accounts and prepare Profit and loss account which reflect the true picture of company / business income. then after getting true figure of income less from the amount of minimum income exemept from tax the result amount will be your taxable income.


We Provide Tax / Taxes services to Small and Medium size companies at cheap and low cost services;

our very special package  of Tax services is for small and medium size companies mean Proprietorship, partnership companies and trade Organization  etc, whos annual sales turnover/revenue  is not more then 5000000 this type of salary person or business man we consider small size taxpayer, we file tax return for them at very reasonable cost of Rs. 3000 to  5000 even condition apply. if this tax payer has all details available which required bye tax department.if he/she has prepared all tax calculation, He has already reconcile his/her wealth statement and he/she has already  prepared annual Expenses details have submitted challan with due amount.

Refund tax claimed, Tax refund and applying Tax exemption certificate services.

we also provide service for any kind of tax return, Tax claim, Tax refund and Tax exemptions certificate

income tax return filing services in Karachi

we provide income tax return filing for individual business person partnership company or corporate i mean Private Limited company and Salary income tax return filing in just few thousands.

our all services are very competitive and reliable with reasonable cost and charges we provide reconciliation of wealth statement.

income tax return of Salary person for Pakistan in Karachi.

we specially have team who guide salary person income tax  their pending tax returns and make them filer or active tax payer where you can save big amount of tax when purchasing any kind of vehicle so careful  before purchasing car become filer otherwise you have to pay three time tax.

income tax return filing services for exporter in Karachi.

if you are an exporter you don’t need to pay any tax  for becoming filer or active tax payer you just need to file your income tax return and attached balance sheet.


 income tax return filing services for importer in karachi.

if you are an importer you don’t need to pay any tax  for becoming filer or active tax payer you just need to file your income tax return. and attached balance sheet.


income tax lawyer in Karachi

The Accountant Plus is  not only Accountant but also the group of Expert Income tax lawyers in Karachi handling many private limited companies tax.


sales tax lawyer in Karachi

The Accountant Plus is a group of expert sales tax lawyer


low cost lawyer for taxes ‘in Karachi

The Accountant plus is group of professional Lawyers who are practicing taxes , whether income taxor sales Tax


lawyer for tax cases in Karachi

we also handle different type of Income tax ans sales tax cases, tax claims, tax refunds, tax adjustments, tax exemption certificate etc please to see our further tax services view all our services in details

tax exemption Lawyers in Karachi.

we have special team to work and get exemptions certificate from FBR

List of Income tax Lawyer Karachi

we have mentioned list of Karachi lawyer working on income tax please visit our blog

List of corporate income tax lawyer in Karachi

we have mentioned list of corporate tax lawyer in Karachi practicing only corporate matters visit our website

Income tax practitioner  lawyer in Karachi

we also work as income tax practitioner in Karachi pakistan we provide tax return services and also  sumit income tax return to make you filer .

how to become tax filer in Pakistan./how to become active tax payer

its simple to become tax filer or active taxpayer in Pakistan as per the income tax department of Pakistab (FBR) if you have submitted two regular year income tax return in current period your status will be active tax payer or you will called filer person. if you have ready all income tax data ready with you please contact us we will help and guid and submit your income tax return in reasonable cost our prices and fee are very low as compare other lawyer firms in Karachi we are not only lawyer we are also professional accountants and can manage your wealth and balance sheet as per law enforce in Pakistan so please let us submit your income tax return and other information by law. thanks a lot for contacting us in advance.