Private Limited. Proprietor ship and Partner ship Company Registration Services Providers in Karachi

Outsource Company secretory services to register new company, to submit Form A , form B, form 29, form 1 form 3, annexure (VI) in SECP karachi Pakistan

The Accountant Plus: work as Company Secretary to fulfill all necessary filling and form of Your Private Company Limited or Public Company limited with SECP. We provide services to get registration as Private Limited Companies, Public limited Companies, single Member Company Limited, Trade Association Registration etc.

We provide all support in relation with SECP and other Government authorities, we submit and prepare all the documents likewise (Form “A”, 29, 27 etc.) required by SECP. Department on Monthly or annually or when required.

Private Company Limited Registration Services with SECP in Karachi Pakistan.

Our most Popular services is Company registration as Private Limited Company in Karachi Pakistan.

How to get name availability from SECP (Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan) of Private Limited Company.

in this kind of services we charge small amount in which secp fee also included and our professional and conveyance charges included we charge for this one by one name availability because we cant apply two or  more name at once so if we apply one name availability and fail to obtain the same then we have to apply second name with fresh fee.

what is Single member company Private limited in Karachi Pakistan.

this is one of Private limited company type in which only one director required to start up the company all article and memorandum of association and other information required by SECP are same as Private Limited Company where no of director company required at least two directors.

 New Company Formation services in Karachi.

The Accountant Plus, Provide new Company formation registration services to their valued clients at reasonable cost of services and reliable services in fast way where you no need to wait extra days for registration. We respect our client that s why we try to provide them fast excellent services regarding new company Registration. Our Charges to compare other companies serving in same capacity is low and affordable, our aim is to provide excellent fast Registration services in low cost.

 Registration services if you planning about Starting up new Business in Karachi.

The Accountant Plus, Help those people who are planning to start up new Business in Karachi and facing issues in registration. defiantly  in this regard we not only help them out to provide complet guideline free of cost but also provide them registration services at low cost with excellent services on fast  way  where they can get  registration of their business or company in few days. with SECP, FBR, SRB and Other Government Departments.

lawyer to register new company in Karachi Pakistan.

the accountant plus is a group of expert Lawyer, our team is expert enough to register any kind of company in Karachi Pakistan.

new company registration lawyer / corporate lawyer in Karachi Pakistan.

The Accountant Plus is Group of Lawyer   who are engage in company registration services or startup new business registration with SECP, SRB, FBR, Chamber of Commerce and Weboc etc

List of Company Lawyer Practicing Company Legal Issues.

the accountant plus is providing services to resolve company legal issues and advisory services for corporate level.