Budgeting and Forecasting

We Fixed your target sales as per your current Investment and review your daily business progress to achieve your goals, we can help you to introduce such system and approach hierarchy to grow up your business as per your ideas and desire profit. Through planning, budgeting and forecasting we can assist you to set achievable goals and targets together the system to measure progress. This will support you when quoting or tendering or starting up new business activity, new project or managing your cash flow of your business, variable and fixed cost, financial ratios and other management reports on your finger tips, so that you could achieve your Business goals and targets within specific time and make budget and fruitful plan for future.

cost and Business analysis

Costing is the Technics of financial accounting to know the potential and strength  of business and companies there  are many steps by which we come to know that what is the prime cost, what is manufacturing cost what is the manufactured cost what are factory overhead  in Karachi and other sector or city of Pakistan people dont want to know this sensitive facts and important cost of the company at different stages due to which  owners of the company suddenly come to know unbelievable results from the company or business operation due lack of knowledge or some amount saving company come to the end of its life  we suggest to owner of companies and business planner to keep one post of cost accountant in their company who tell you about the each sector of the company costing.