New company Registration issues and solutions

When any one or body  wants to start a business he has some question

  1. from what name business should be started this is major  problem among the people to choose the name of company or business it is not too much difficult we will provide you the solution to choose the business name.
  2. what business should be start how to calculate expected profit because the purpose of main business is a profit but how to calculate the profit which has been expected from the business that feasibility we will discuss the below
  3.   from where things to be prepared or Purchase to resell
  4. from where skilled  labor to be obtain, we will discuss this below
  5. how to get raw material
  6. how to select business
  7. how to see the hidden profit and expenses
  8. how to see the business in future.
  9. how to execute the business.

above mentioned issues are really has to face when any body think about to start new business 

What name of Business suit to 

owner can select the business name on his own name because people  knows him very well

otherwise he should start his business with the name of his parents

or start two , two alphabets from his father and mother name

or start his business name from his profession

or writ his business name with Islamic values

start his business name with local area

start his business name with city name

start his business with and worldwide famous name

start his business name with trade makr

 what business should start 

before starting any business you should see the skilled do you have that skilled or do u have people those have that skilled search people or group with the skilled business required

from where goods to be prepared or Purchase 

before starting any business you should know the places from where you will get raw material for your finished goods or you will purchase things.

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