An Accountant Responsibilities in any Organization

What are responsibilities of An Accountant in any Organization

if you are an accountant you are responsible to provide following information and prepare following task

make update recorde from voucher to supporting documents
Prepare voucher for each business transaction
attach supporting documents and calculation of each voucher
prepare General voucher if you need any adjustment without involving cash or bank transaction
prepare sales book and invoice file in serial wise
prepare purchase recorde very carefully and maintain purchase book
enter purchase entry with all supporting documents (Qoutation 3, bill, inspection note from technical department , store inward, store receiving, entry in creditors ledger etc
make sure all debit voucher posting in daily basis
make sure all credit vouchers entry on daily basis
make sure all banks and cash book entry on daily basis
make sure all purchase book and sales book entry on daily basis
check trail balance equality of debit credit side
prepare monthly trail balance
prepare monthly manufacturing account
prepare monthly trading account
prepare monthly profit and loss account
prepare monthly balance sheet
prepare monthly ratio accounts and information
prepare comparison account with last month
prepare daily reports of A/R , creditors, bank reconciliations, bank positions, fund availability , fund utilization details
fund schedule to required for company daily task
costing sheets as per product
prime cost of each product
manufacturing cost of each product
break even not on sales
break even expenses cost sheet
many more which need to prepare by accountant for management review so that management could move organization to the actual direction

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